are you annoying?

can i get a whoop-whoop

for non-annoying thursday fans only
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yay, you have now reached the one and only thursday community for non-annoying thursday fans only. of course, this is a complete oxymoron, as we all are very annoying. so the question is...ARE YOU?

there are some rules, i think. some of you may not consider some of them rules, nor do i. but i feel like putting a list of rules, therefore, i shall put a list of rules, as this is my community.

1. you CAN advertise here. the bitches over at __thursday kicked me out for this. i still love that community, 'cause there are cool people there, but the creater is an ass. however, you cannot advertise for something that is not listed in the interests below. that's just not cool. i probably won't kick you out, but i can and will flame you, that's how we do business down here.

2. you can join if you don't go and start fights with other members or talk behind another users back. unless i agree with you. then you can do it all you want.

3. you CANNOT join if you are the creator of __thursday, you two-timing bitch.

i think that's all. if something starts popping up, then i might add it, but for now, feel free to prance and roam. and post.